For Private Personal Use Only:

In Hello Auslan, purchases of e-books and Auslan videos are for individual private, personal use only.

The e-books and videos are to be downloaded and printed once its entirety per individual for their own private use.

Please do not reprint, photocopy or copy e-books and/or videos to be distributed to other individuals, please direct them to this website instead, where they can purchase the e-books and/or videos themselves.

The success of our Auslan business depends on your integrity in supporting us and spreading by word of mouth.

Thank you so much!!

For Independent Auslan Teachers:

We have ready-made Auslan courses and e-books for independent Auslan tutors to teach their own Auslan classes.

Please contact Susan if you would like to use any Auslan e-books and videos in here as part of your Auslan teaching business, either for profit or non-profit.

We can discuss how to make it work for you.