Hello Auslan is created by Susan McConnell, a fourth generation Deaf and native Auslan user.

Susan worked as a Teacher of the Deaf for almost 10 years, and also taught LOTE Auslan in primary schools, as well as VCE Auslan in high schools (Years 11 and 12).

She loves creating and illustrating Auslan games and activities, especially for use in schools, and for families, with the goal of making learning Auslan enjoyable and to increase English acquisition in Deaf children.

"Leave no Deaf child behind" is her heart's goal, both in families and in schools.

For Parents:
The more Auslan parents learn, the more they will be able to use it with their child, and the more enriched their child's language will be, because for the Deaf child, Auslan can be easily learnt as a first language foundation which will in turn, make learning English easier as a second language.

There is no need to make it complicated... just learn Auslan, the beautiful language of the Deaf community in Australia, and see your child thrive in communication and understanding! :)

For Teachers:
Schools now require Auslan teachers to be able teach Auslan effectively to students as a second language, using the Australian Curriculum. Many teachers (as was my experience first hand) find it time consuming to create quality Auslan teaching materials, or even try to find quality Auslan resources anywhere.

For this reason, I have invested many hours into creating quality Auslan resources especially for teachers, to save them time, so that they can teach effectively to their students. You can find teacher-related Auslan resources in www.auslanresources.com.au

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The Auslan signs used in this website are Southern Dialect Auslan (Vic, Tas, SA and WA). If you are from Qld or NSW (which uses the Northern Dialect of Auslan), the Auslan Fingerspelling Game Challenge will be perfect as the fingerspelling is the same all over Australia. For more information about Northern and Southern Dialects, click here.

Northern Dialect signs (QLD and NSW) will be added in the near future.

If you'd like to stay informed of updates, please follow our Facebook page at @auslanresources