Question: Are the videos in the Online Auslan Courses taught by a qualified Auslan teacher?
Answer: Yes, the videos in this Online Auslan Courses is being taught Susan McConnell, a Deaf native Auslan user who previously worked as a Teacher of the Deaf with LOTE Auslan qualifications.

Question: The Auslan signs in the videos, are they Northern or Southern Dialect?
The signs used in the videos are from the Victorian state, which uses the Southern Dialect Auslan (Vic, SA, TAS, WA, NT). Most of the signs are the same all over Australia, except for a few (especially colours). Deaf people have no trouble understanding each other.

I'm a brand newbie in Auslan, how can I follow the videos if they're in Auslan?
Answer: All videos have subtitles where necessary, so you can easily follow and learn along the way.

Question: Will I get a certification for completing the course?
Answer: If you are doing this course independently, the Auslan Family Signs course has a certificate of completion at the end (obtainable only if you answer questions correctly) where you can download and put down your name on it.

If you are doing an online course with an Auslan Tutor, your Auslan Tutor may provide you with a Certificate showing that you have undertaken and completed this course with them. This varies with each Auslan Tutor.

If you would like a national recognition, Melbourne Polytechnic provides certified courses in Auslan and a Diploma in Auslan.


If you are an independent Auslan tutor and you'd like to teach Auslan to your students/clients/families using our e-books and online videos (they are very easy to teach, there is no additional preparation needed - you just follow what's in the e-book and videos), please contact us to discuss about it and for permission agreements.

Please note that you must be fluent in Auslan to qualify to teach (a qualified Auslan teacher, or a native Auslan signer, or a qualified Auslan interpreter).

Auslan Tutors from all States in Australia are welcome to teach using our online courses. The Auslan signs being taught in the books and videos are from the Victorian State, but if you are from another State, you can show your students your State signs when tutoring them.